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I saw this at Walmart and all I could think was…

"Anna, Slow down!"

Explaining why Anna should never EVER be allowed near a steering wheel…

Sarahndipity cosplay as Elsa:

Shelbeanie Cosplay as Anna:

I was literally talking about this last night.  Oh my gosh.

So when I’m bored I do make-up tests.  So I did more Gravity Falls makeup tests tonight, adding Pacifica and Wendy to my random line up.  So here you go, Dipper, Mabel, Pacifica, and Wendy!  I actually may have an addiction to this show…

I went to a convention today as Louise from Bob’s Burgers.  In lieu of a Boo Boo, I decided to slap Peeta in the face.  Right in his hideous beautiful face.  

My cosplay bestie and I went to see Rainbow Rocks today!  It was so much fun and the movie was so much better than I expected it to be!  I think my favorite part of the movie, though, was when Twilight grabs her friends hands and said “The Power of Friendship!” and nothing happens and there was an awkward silence in which  a kid in the audience exuberantly yelled “That’s what happens to me when I say that at school!”  It was perfectly timed and I laughed so hard that I cried.  But it was super fun to hang out with my friends and to see so many smiling faces after the movie :)
Shelbeanie Cosplay as Twilight Sparkle (

Sarahndipity Cosplay as Pinkie Pie (

I don't mean to bother you but I was wondering where you got your Dipper cosplay wig (the newer one) since I plan on cosplaying Dipper soon. Also, your cosplays are awesome.

My new wig was one I got on ebay to find a wig I liked.  I basically searched “Short brown wig” until I found one that was a color I liked and then once it came in I curled it to give it the texture I wanted.  I’m much happier with my new wig than my old wig (which was just a wig I happened to have in my house).  I was looking a couple Arda wigs that I thought I might get if I wasn’t happy with my new wig, but I think for now I’m happy with it :)  Here’s a side-by-side of my two wigs.  I think the new color is much closer to his hair on the show :)image 

More Dipper progress!!! I got a new wig today and I’m so much happier with the color!  The other one worked, but it was a little dark.  I’m much happier with this color.  So I pulled out my sock puppet and Journal and took some pictures because I’m a dork.

dude, you're like the best dipper cosplayer ever

Ah!  Thank you so much!  I enjoy being Dipper and I LOVE Gravity Falls!!  That show is the SHIZ!!  It’s always nice to know that my efforts are appreciated because I always strive to do the best I can with a cosplay and I’m hoping to do a little more work on the costume before I wear it next!  


Two Weird Old Men! (And their puppets)

Me & Matt Chapman goofing around between takes for the credits tag in Sock Opera. For those of you that don’t know, Matt Chapman writes on Gravity Falls (Co-wrote “Into The Bunker” with me) and also makes a hell of a good McGucket puppeteer. (Oh, and he’s also Strong Bad, incidentally) 

Puppets by Puppet Extraordinaire Nicole Mitchell (Her blog:

This was legitimately my favorite part of the episode.  This is what pushed it from “Oh my gosh that episode was SOO awesome” to “OH MY GOSH THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE EPISODE!”